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When you are going through a divorce, you need a compassionate, caring attorney working with you. Fenimore Law Firm, PLLC provides family law services to those who live in Pima County and Tucson Arizona. Our services include divorces, child custody and support as well as property division services.

Arizona Divorce Laws

We never are married with the expectation that our marriage will end in divorce. During 2013, more than 25,000 divorces were granted across Arizona and nearly 4,000 of them were granted in Pima County. Couples sometimes simply cannot work out the issues they are facing and determine it is better for them and their children to divorce.

Arizona’s Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act states that one of the parties to a divorce must have resided in the county of the filing for a minimum of 90 days prior to filing divorce. When the grounds for divorce are irretrievable breakdown, the courts sometimes impose a waiting period of 60 days to allow the couple a chance to reconcile. Divorces do not require grounds in Arizona; and if both parties consent, a no-fault divorce will be granted.

Arizona Child Custody

Legal and physical custody are both recognized in Arizona. The parent with physical custody makes decisions regarding the child’s living arrangements. Legal custody is best shared since this arrangement allows both parents to have a say in schooling, religious training and other major life decision. Parenting plans should be drawn up between the parents ensuring the best interests of the child or children are kept in mind at all times.  Remember, Arizona also allows grandparents to have visitation rights with the children.

Child support payments may be ordered to be paid until the end of the month in which the child (or children) turn 18. The exception to this would be if the child was expected to not complete high school by this time. Child support is calculated based on a specific formula that takes the needs of the child and the parents ability to pay into consideration.

If you are considering filing for divorce or if your spouse has told you they are filing for divorce, you need a family law attorney to protect your rights and the rights of your children during the process. The Fenimore Law Firm, PLLC provides family law services in Tucson and Pima County Arizona. Call our office today at 520-331-1491 to schedule a consultation.

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  • "EXCELLENT SERVICE! Gemma was absolutely amazing! Her ability to sustain open lines of communication was impeccable. Her response time was almost immediate. She was able to meet me several times to discuss the case and provide me an overall description of how the hearing would proceed and answered any questions I may had. As a result, she…"  -- Wilsen B. Villareal (5 star review)

  • "Great first experience with a lawyer! Gemma helped us get out of a bad situation with a sketchy landlord. She was knowledgeable and very professional, but also so warm and friendly. She also was very efficient, working quickly and not wasting anyone’s time. She even handled the irate phone calls from the landlady in a very professional, respectful, and efficient manner,…"  -- a client (5 star review)

  • "Excellent! Highly recommend. I spent a lot of time looking for an attorney to help me with some family law matters. I had hired two attorneys previously but I wish I’d found her instead. She got answers for me when nobody else could. She’s been quick to answer my questions, given me what turned out to be very…"  -- robert (5 star review)

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